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Holocaust Paper Topics

The holocaust was a significant event in the history of humankind. It is a part of the world’s history that has everyone analyzing it religiously, politically, and within the academic institutions. Students majoring in the history subject will encounter this topic at one point and may even write about it. From this article, you will see some tips on the best questions and suggestions on how to come up with good holocaust paper topics.

Tips for selecting the best holocaust paper topics

The past analysis breaks down the entire event into small segments that you can derive various topics. When choosing a holocaust topic, you should consider the following ideas:

How complex is the topic?

Settle on a topic you are familiar with and one with which you have some level of knowledge and understanding. A familiar theme will make it easier for you when researching and coming up with the content.

Motivation or interest

Curiosity and interest will fuel your urge to explore more and produce quality content. It would be best if you chose a topic based on your interest or an influential motivating factor.

Scope of topic

The scope of your topic could vary depending on how you are approaching the event. So, pick a problem that is not too broad to the point that your essay will be exhausting or cumbersome. Ensure that your topic will allow you to generate enough content to meet the required word count.

Re-use a topic

You can use previous topics to enable you to come up with ideas for the next essay. You can also adjust the related topic with similar views to meet the paper’s requirements. However, it would be advisable that you be careful not to plagiarize someone else work. You must maintain your creativity and innovation.

Examples of holocaust paper ideas

  • The resistance
  • Nuremberg trials
  • Final solution
  • The Allies response
  • The master race concept
  • Holocaust children
  • Concentration camps
  • The background of Hitler

Holocaust essay questions

  • How are the survivors’ living conditions today?
  • Is there a chance that the holocaust could occur again?
  • What was the primary cause of death during the holocaust?
  • Were the Jews living in Europe aware of their fate?
  • What part did the Catholic Church and other religious groups play during the holocaust?
  • Why was the holocaust only targeting the Jews?
  • How were the Germans identifying the Jews?
  • How did Hitler manage to influence the spread of the holocaust?

Example of Holocaust topics

  • Countries that took part in the holocaust
  • Hitler’s role in the holocaust
  • Reasons why the Jews were the victims of the holocaust
  • How the Germans treated the Jews before, during and after the end of the holocaust
  • The Nazi ideology characteristics
  • Techniques used to enforce the holocaust
  • The Liberation and survival of the Jews during the holocaust
  • Nations, organizations, and groups that condemned the holocaust
  • The period after the holocaust
  • The Allies reactions towards the holocaust
  • Life at the death camps
  • The attitude of the Nazis toward religions
  • The human and financial cost of World War 2 and the holocaust
  • Hitler’s main intentions and goals for the holocaust
  • The initial steps that took place during the beginning of the holocaust.
  • The consequences of the holocaust to European nations that took part in it


The holocaust was a significant event that is a sad story. There are many books, memoirs, Journals and movies about the holocaust. With all the material available, settling on a suitable topic could not get any easier. The above tip and example are the key to ensuring that you find the best theme for your holocaust essay. As you look for a suitable topic, take account of the set guidelines and requirements. Please keep it simple but exciting and captivating.