Great Research Paper Example

Great Research Paper Example

An excellent research paper has different aspects that make it stand out. However, many students fall short when writing outstanding research because of a lack of a reference point. Because of this, consider the following sample to ensure that the piece you come up with scores highly.

Sample of a Research Paper

  • The first page of the research paper should have your title, name (both the student and institution), and year, all aligned at the middle and center of the page with an appropriate font. Further, you have to use double spacing.

“Study of the behavioral obedience”

By Jonathan Wright, University of Ohio


  • Page two should contain the abstract, and ensure that the text begins at the top left corner

Few facts exist on the significance of obedience in committing acts that run against your conscience (1960). Most theories imply that only disturbed individuals prove capable when it comes to administering pain, especially when ordered to do it. The study tested the obedience of individuals to authority. The study results demonstrated that most people obey orders from authority figures. Contrary to popular belief out there, personal ethics has little meaning when you pit it against authority.

  • Page three should have your introduction and should begin at the top and left corner with no more spacing when aligning the text.

Present theories concentrate on individual features to illustrate wrong-doing besides how an individual can harm others intentionally. In some studies conducted earlier, experts like psychologists, doctors, and laymen predicted that a small proportion of the population possess the ability to injure others when ordered.

In the latest Adolph Eichmann war trial, he asserts the notion of only following orders, and the author intended to test the claim. Can individuals harm others on accord of following orders? Can individuals get ordered to do something against their ethical convictions?

The study will test the ability of an individual to keep administering painful waterboarding practice on someone else simply because they got ordered to? The anticipation proves that few people will keep at the act of waterboarding others and that a large proportion of the participants will contravene the order.

  • Methods should contain the participants, instruments used, and the procedures.

For instance, 40 males participated in the study and got recruited through an advertisement put on social media pages. Each participant then got paid $5. Materials included a trough of water and a towel. The basin got used for holding and pouring water, while the towel got used for its water retention capacity. The procedure included waterboarding (pretentiously) the participants by placing the towel on their face and trickling the water on the towel, with the volume of water coinciding with the time. Each actor would pretend to get drowned and complain with each increasing water volume until a maximum level.

  • Results

Of the participants, 25 delivered the maximum water volume, 15 participants stopped midway when instructed to continue. 

  • Discussion and conclusion.

A majority of the participants proved agitated, angry, and stressed with the person giving them instructions during the procedure. However, many of them went along with the orders in as much as they proved uncomfortable with their actions. As a result, the experiment shows that individuals can harm their counterparts intentionally when ordered to.

  • References, tables, appendix, and figures should entail the last sections of the research paper.


You should adhere to principles illustrated in the above example when writing your research paper, especially if you want it to come across as a professional piece.


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